Nürburgring Nordschleife -20/22 juin 2019 • A handful of good points and stronger pace: the harvest at the always challenging Nürburgring’s Nordschleife was not bad for the Leopard Racing Team Audi Sport, especially in Race 3 where Jean-Karl Vernay took fourth missing narrowly the podium. But like often this season, the Belgian squad could have some regrets as a sporting sanction for Vernay after Qualifying 1 and electronical issues hindered his overall performance. The hope, now, is that what shown in Race 3 will mark the start of a fresh new trend for WRT in the FIA-WTCR.

On Thursday, the Audi cars of the Belgian team proved competitive in free practice, with Vernay making the top-5. Qualifying for Race 1, with rainy conditions, saw an encouraging P7 for the Frenchman. Unfortunately, after the session, Vernay’s and others’ times were disallowed for what at the ‘Ring is called a “Code 60” infringement, i.e. excessive speed in one of the sections while under yellow. That put the Frenchman in P16, dashing virtually all his chances.

Still, Vernay fought hard in Race 1 on Friday to climb back positions, taking a notable 12nd place after a convincing performance.

On Saturday, Race 2 saw another good race of Vernay, who made it to the top-10, finishing 10th. Penalties inflicted after the race to other competitors brought Vernay up.

Things worked out much better for the two Leopard Racing Team Audi Sport drivers in Race 3, where Vernay, after an excellent start, was sixth at the end of lap 1 and then gained two more positions to finish 4th, only 2.5 from the winner, having closed significantly the gap with the podium positions in the final lap and achieving the best lap of the race doing so.

Jean-Karl Vernay: “I am both happy and disappointed. Happy because we had very fast cars, the team did a fantastic job throughout the weekend, and we had good races, scoring points in all of them. We were competitive in practice and in Q1, reaching P7, despite that being my first time on the wet in the Nordschleife. Then came the disqualification. I can accept that, I probably reaccelerated too early once I passed the spot where the incident had occurred, but many other drivers did it too and sanctions were not applied the same way. This is more difficult to accept and disappointing as it really impacted part of the weekend. Race 3 was very good, so let’s start from there and look ahead.”

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FIA WTCR – Round 5

Race 1 Result
1. Norbert Michelisz (Hyundai i30N) 3 tours
2. Esteban Guerrieri (Honda Civic) +1s762
3. Néstor Girolami (Honda Civic) +3s741
4. Rob Huff (VW Golf GTi) +4s041
5. Fred Vervisch (Audi RS 3 LMS) +7s036

12. Jean-Karl Vernay (Audi RS 3 LMS) +9s480

Race 2 Result
1. Johan Kristoffersson (VW Golf GTi) 3 tours
2. Fred Vervisch (Audi RS 3 LMS) +5s108
3. Augusto Farfus (Hyundai i30N) +10s891
4. Gabriele Tarquini (Hyundai i30N) +11s180
5. Attila Tassi (Honda Civic) +11s827

9. Jean-Karl Vernay (Audi RS 3 LMS) +23s653

Race 3 Result
1. Benjamin Leuchter (VW Golf Gti) 3 tours
2. Fred Vervisch (Audi RS 3 LMS) +0s495
3. Esteban Guerrieri (Honda Civic) +1s885
4. Jean-Karl Vernay (Audi RS 3 LMS) +2s505
5. Gabriele Tarquini (Hyundai i30N) +7s179

WTCR driver’s standing
1 – E. Guerrieri / 215 p.
2 – N. Michelisz / 170 p.
3 – T. Björk / 161 p.
4 – N. Girolami / 154 p.
5 – Frederic Vervisch / 132 p.

9 – JK. Vernay / 110 p.